Weekly Mentorship Program

  • Length: 4 weekly sessions (1 hour each)
  • Languages: EN, ES, RU
  • Level: Student
  • Packages: Student, Expert, Pro
  • Instructors:

About this service:

Our Mentorship program is designed to teach you day trading with the help of webinars and private 1:N sessions. You will learn new topics week after week. You will practice and move ahead to the next steps, but only after feeling confident with each week's topic. Our mentors are looking to educate and support you along your journey. Get access to our library of hundreds of recorded lessons recorded over many years.

What you will get:

  • Online class with one of our leading day trading mentors. They will review, discuss and tailor our program to match your personal knowledge and skills
  • Personal attention as a part of a small dedicated group, that include in-depth analysis of your trading capabilities, strengths and weeknesses
  • Access to recorded sessions, or the possibility to join the next scheduled session in case you had to miss a certain class.
  • 4 weekly mentorship sessions with a focus on trading techniques and trade management

Is this service good for me?

Whether you are just starting your trading career or you are an experienced trader interested in taking your skills in stock trading to the next level, we’ll match you with the right content to observe, analyse, and improve your capabilities.

Meir Barak

“The Mentorship Program is my personal favorite. Discussing the markets and specific events and recent case studies with mainly experienced traders is an expreince I would never say no to.”

Scott Malatesta

“This program will let you engage in the educational aspects of stock trading and join our team of instructors. We will assist you in reaching your personal goals and support you every step of the way to success.”



  • Live sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Multiple instructors

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  • Self Study Course - $290
  • The Market Whisperer Book - $18
  • Live Trading Chat Room - $399
  • Demo Training account
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