Live day trading chat room

What does the live day trading chat room offer?

Tradenet offers the leading, largest, and arguably most professional live chat room for day trading on the internet. This family of peers openly and honestly shares their thoughts and experience.

Tradenet’s live day trading chat room allows new traders to watch as some of the world’s leading traders do what they do best — conduct live trades. Newbies can chat with more experienced peers and discuss their thoughts and emotions. In addition to real-time commentary, students can even mirror the trades done by top traders.

Is the live day trading chat room transparent?

It’s one of the most transparent rooms out there. Both winning and losing trades are broadcasted in real-time over Tradenet’s system, or on Tradenet’s YouTube channel after a short delay. New traders will learn from the mistakes and strengths of Tradenet’s mentors.

Who leads the live day trading chat room?

The chats are led by our top traders, Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta, two leading Wall Street experts.

Tradenet’s founder, Meir Barak, has made trading his passion for over 20 years, and he’s now passing his impressive knowledge and education to thousands of students.

Scott is a vice president, analyst, and mentor at Tradenet, with two decades of experience under his belt. He also offers his years of knowledge to aspiring traders through mentorship and live trading.

Tradenet’s YouTube Trading channel

Meir Barak, Scott Malatesta, and the other analysts broadcast from Europe, the US, and other places all around the globe.

Tradenet’s YouTube channel is brimming with hundreds of educational videos that cover many aspects of trading, including technical analysis, chart reading, and more — along with a free day trading course. This video deals with basic topics, like trading methodology and market indicators.

Tradenet’s YouTube channel also features day trading tutorial videos on how to trade false breakouts, identify stock market trends, and other points of interest. Beginners can also access Meir Barak’s live day trading videos, as well as the live day trading chat room YouTube stream.

The bottom line is that Tradenet is one of the world’s leading trading academies. Aspiring traders can learn much from its educative packages, day trading courses, live day trading chat room, and YouTube channel. Over 30,000 traders from around the world have received professional training, and that number grows each day.