The Market Whisperer

A book by Meir Barak

The Market Whisperer

A book by Meir Barak
An essential guide to stock trading, ideal for those with no background or experience, as well as for experienced investors who lack sufficient skills for active stock trading. “The Market Whisperer” will guide you towards becoming financially independent. It will put you in control of your own destiny. “The Market Whisperer” is a 505-page Amazon bestseller that has been published in 9 languages.

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First review I'm ever writing for Amazon

Hans Lechleitner | Austria

“I have never written a review for a book on Amazon because none of them were any good (I only buy trading books here). I followed Meir on his youtube videos making live trades, and checked his performance on the tradenet website for about 2 months. I’ve always been skeptical of people claiming to be a great trader and offering services as well as writing books about their experience. After mulling over whether I should take his course or not, I e-mailed him and was surprised he replied back! After answering some of my questions, he recommended that I read his book. It’s safe to say this book is like none of the other ones I read, like Al Brooks (too cryptic) or pattern books that offer no fundamental explanation of how the whole system works. Meir’s book is very straight to the point and explains every detail of what a short-term trader should know…after watching the market for two years and failing, this book told me why I was failing for the entire two years. I highly recommend this book as the top trading book I’ve come across. He’s not some white collar jerk-off explaining to you as if he were talking to you as a child, how a stock should behave and how a company’s value is related to the fluffy idea of an investment. I remember walking into my finance 100 class at wharton and asking the professor why anyone would ever buy a stock, which is essentially a piece of worthless paper, since the ownership I would have of a company is less than 0.1%. He openly laughed with the class at me explaining how stupid I was and how the discounted cash flow, the gordon growth model and the capital markets worked. I took that class for a semester and it still didn’t answer my question. I took two more years of finance classes, became a finance and accounting major and it still did not answer my question. Meir has finally answered my question through this book. I am very impressed he has managed to encapsulate his thoughts into this book.”


Ziggy Attias | USA

“‏I “Discovered” Meir Barak on You tube a couple of months ago. The videos were so impressive that I immediately purchased his book which I only found out about by Googling him to get more info. This is a great book and I recommend it highly. I have many trading books and I’m a high frequency trader. There are many good books but This is the best book out there. I also joined his trading room and it is now a part of my trading strategy. They charge a fee which I made during the free trial. Previously I always had CNBC on in the background but that did not make me money although it “seemed” to be the thing to do.. I get many ideas there but I still have to get my stamina up…They sometimes move fast. Meir Barak is a very honest writer and trader He has loses like everyone else and learning from the book and the room is invaluable. If you are serious about trading or learning buy this book.”

I love this book because I was drop dead broke with ...

David Lee | UK

“I love this book because I was drop dead broke with a few pennies left in my account, when I purchased it. first,. I got fired from my job and felt suicidal. So, I read his book, and took a service for his chat room. I actually learned something the very first day. That here in there room is a band of brothers who are willing to help you. I almost cried considering how some chartrooms were nothing to offer. Then this book is so simply, that it was easy for me to follow. I stopped making trading hard. Thanks, I am getting better every day. Thank you Mr. Meir Barak”

Topics Included in the Book

  • Fundamentals of trading
  • Choosing the right broker and trading platform
  • How to choose winning stocks
  • How to profit from rising or falling markets
  • Technical analysis
  • Basic and advanced trading methods
  • Financial and risk management
  • Trading psychology
  • Self-empowerment

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