Personal Coaching
Improve your trading with a professional trading coach by your side

Price: $5,000

The Personal Coaching is a 10-hour program specifically tailored to your trading needs, covering anything from optimizing your trading set-up and establishing the right preparation routine, to overcoming trading psychology barriers and enhance your selective trading. The Personal Coaching sessions are meant to pin point your trading strengths and weaknesses while creating a unique improved plan to enhance your skills.

Included in the Personal Coaching Course Five 2-hour sessions with a dedicated senior Tradenet coach

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Course Instructors

Amir Barak
Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Amir Barak met the world of Day Trading in 2009 and was captivated by its charm. He has been a trader and coach for several years and believes in trading according to a work plan using a variety of strategies, for short and long term. Risk management is one of the motifs that Amir uses to set new trading goals for himself and for the traders he mentors.

Agnes Lafleur
Trader, Mentor & Analyst

Agnes Lafleur has started her journey in trading 13 years ago. She is experienced in several markets such as Forex, and options but she spent most of her time trading US Equities. Her strategy, long and short term consists of detailed rules along with a conservative money management and high self discipline. During the last 9 years she has trained Tradenet students from basic to advanced techniques. She thinks all traders are unique and everyone needs personalized training to achieve success. She has mastered the field of trading psychology and mentors traders on a monthly and one on one basis.