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Stock Market Mentor Program Interested in the becoming a stock trader but have no idea where to begin? Tradenet has educated more than 30,000 traders worldwide since 2004. Our Mentorship program is designed to teach you day trading starting with the basics, from the ground up. You’ll get education and personal session with a stock trading mentor. Our Mentorship Program is here to help you become a trader, achieve your target, and potentially change your life.

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The Tradenet Mentorship Team

We offer one-on-one coaching for both learning to trade and for improving your performance as a trader. This is for serious traders that are 100% committed to succeed.
We will choose one of our team members as your personal mentor for one single hour. All mentoring is carried out via Skype. In order to reserve a private session,
please email: [email protected]

Meir Barak

Chairman & Head Mentor

Scott Malatesta

VP, Analyst & Mentor

Amir Barak

Analyst & Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions
After having trained thousands of traders, we came to the conclusion that when novice traders attempt to absorb the subject matter of the studies within a short period of time, their chances of success are lower than those of traders that make slow but thorough and gradual progress and exercise the learnt curriculum. The Mentoring Program is built gradually and is based on our rich experience gathered over many years of training. You will be learning new topics week after week, practicing and progressing to the next step only after controlling the subject and feeling confident enough about advancing further. This is a personally customized mentorship program devised in accordance with the progress capability and personal knowledge of each trader, whether they have previous experience in the field or not. You should participate in the program for as long as you feel that you are advancing at a satisfying pace that is worth the time and money you spent. This may differ between different individuals, however, we would suggest a minimum of 3 month’s of participation. You don’t have to commit for any minimum period. You can leave the program at the end of every month.