The Advanced Day Trading Strategies Course

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The ADTS(Advanced Day Trading Strategies) Course was developed to enrich the knowledge and trading abilities of our students
If your goal is to become a professional day trader, this course is highly recommended for you
The course is expanding on previous course topics, (which are taught in the "Star Trader" course), and focuses on intraday technical patterns, trading strategies, and trade management.

The "Star Trader" course is a mandatory prerequisite course before taking the ADTS course.

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Course Instructors

Michael Orevi
Forex, Commodities EU stocks Trader, Analyst & Moderator

Michael Orevi has specialized in Forex, Commodities EU stocks and US stock market trading and mentoring since 2005. As the Forex, Commodities and EU Markets Trading Room Analyst, his responsibilities are to deliver the most up-to-date trading strategies and money management techniques to our traders as well as to help them become successful and profitable. Michael is also an experienced US market day trader.

Scott Malatesta
VP, Analyst & Mentor

Scott Malatesta has trained and mentored traders from across the world. As the VP and trading room analyst at Tradenet, his responsibility is to ensure the proper training, account management and profitability that lead our traders to the lifestyle that they desire. His mentorship has grown many successful traders from beginner to professional.

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