The dollar traded mostly sideways ahead of the last session for 2018 today. The dollar started 2018 at the 1.20 level versus the Euro and is closing it at the 1.144 level, a gain of roughly 3.6% and closing the year with a three month trendless sideways move. Investors had a choppy close of the year and looks like the trend is not likely to change anytime soon for the pair. Another place of extreme pain for investors were global equity markets which saw for the first time in eight years major pullbacks in global markets led by the Chinese and EU markets, both trading now in bear market territory. Gold finished the year a tad in the red, down 1.5% while Oil turned a green year into a disaster year closing down near 45% from highs and down 25% overall for 2018.

There is no important news on the agenda Monday and most trading markets will trade a low volume session ahead if the NEW YEAR holiday.


1 YEAR-18.26%-12.41%-1.93%-14.77%-12.08%-25.31%


Swing trades follow up  

TradeEntry pricePositionOpen profitDate triggeredStop lossRemarks today
USDCAD35120.751021/123590SL changed
OIL45.687-5627/1245.74Stopped out
NASDAQ58558210026/126130Stopped out
NASDAQ6348813028/126310New position