Advanced Strategies Course

  • For: Junior Day Traders
  • By: Michael Orevi, Mentor;
    Scott Malatesta, VP, Mentor
  • Language: EN
  • Level: Student
  • Packages: Student

About this course:

Nine hours that take you through a deeper level of understanding day trading. We will walk you through live examples to show you a comprehensive understanding of advanced intraday trading patterns, day trading strategies, risk reward management and more.

What you will learn:

  • Momentum stocks
  • Definition, finding, analyzing and trading strategies (reversals vs breakouts)
  • Reversal patterns in momentum stocks
  • Preparing the follow up of momentum stocks and scanning for momentum stocks
  • Fine-tuning intraday parameters for momentum stocks: trend, spreads, risk/reward, technical patterns, volume, daily-timing, sector matching
  • Factors contributing to "momentum" in stocks
  • Breakout/breakdown patterns
  • Buying strong up trending stocks at support
  • Shorting weak down trending stocks at resistance
  • VWAP assisted trade decisions
  • Multiple decision trading processes – timing, trade management, risk management
  • Sectors based trading decisions
  • Twin stocks trade decisions
  • Trading earnings day
  • Trading an upgrade/downgrade day
  • Technical patterns vs risk/reward-based trade decisions


What do you get in this course:

  • Recorded materials
  • Live sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Multiple instructors

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