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March 14, 2019

Meir Barak is a professional day trader and a leading Wall Street expert. He is also the author of the best-seller trading book “The Market Whisperer”.

Meir Barak was an entrepreneur for many years, before he decided to leave the hi-tech world and become an independent day trader. He is now a financial guru and market analyst and also appears on television shows as a guest expert.

Meir Barak founded the trading school named Tradenet in 2004. Presently, he serves as the main trader of Tradenet and functions as a mentor  to thousands of students at Tradenet. He shares his effective day trading strategies with the students of Tradenet and helps them achieve success in day trading.

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Tradenet Day Trading Academy

Tradenet is one of the largest trading schools, founded in 2004 by Meir Barak. Tradenet offers online courses and has branches in many countries. Tradenet has already trained over 30,000 students till date.

Tradenet offers a wide variety of online tutorials for day traders to hone their skills and excel at day trading. For instance, you may take a look at the Tradenet training tutorials for the TEFS platform and other strategies.

Additionally, Tradenet also offers live trading chat rooms for day traders to interact with the experienced mentors and learn from them. Education is further augmented by intensive study courses like:

  1. Free online trade stock course
  2. Star Trader Course
  3. Forex course
  4. Advanced Trading Strategies Course
  5. Private One on One Coach

Meir Barak Biography

Meir Barak was one of the millions who suffered the brunt of the dot-com bubble burst. He lost his business in 2000 and was penniless, and heavily indebted. He had three little girls to take care of and no money. Business had failed and employees had quit. To overcome the struggles, Meir turned to an area that he loved: stock trading.

I lost money

Stock trading turned out be harder than Meir had imagined. He took the risk of giving up his salary and entered the trading world. The first trade itself turned out be a disaster due to lack of experience, knowledge, and a bit of arrogance.

Despite the failures, he continued buying, selling, and losing for almost a year. Over the year of losses, he realised that trading needs as much learning as any other profession. That is when he went out looking for mentors and people to learn from and look upto.

I started gaining

Soon, Meir Barak discovered an amazing world of trading rooms. They were physical places where traders met and discussed strategies to help each other. With the help of his mentors and through his experience, Meir started understanding nuances of the trade and within a few months he moved from losing to breaking even. Rest is history!

For more details about the motivating journey of Meir Barak, you can get his best-selling book, The Market Whisperer“.

Meir Barak Day Trader

Meir Barak has now been trading for past 20 years. Trading is his passion for life. He still loves to trade and learns something new each day.

Meir does not need to trade from an economic point of view, yet this is what he still enjoys to do. He loves to spend time with his family and daughters, and is expecting his first grandchild.

Along with trading, Meir has a passion for teaching the young lot, the new traders. He gained a lot through the mentorship he received from his friends and other traders in the trading rooms. That is the reason he emulated the trading rooms into the live trading chat rooms on Tradenet.

He trades live and lets the students watch his trades as they happen, with no latency. The students get the opportunity to learn the strategies that Meir himself learnt the hard way. He imparts education and experience related to trading strategies, risk management, money management, psychological conduct, and everything in between.

Next Generation

Meir Barak is very proud of how Tradenet has shaped up. He is fulfilling his dream of continuing to trade and making the students learn from his trades and experiences. Meir is proud of his students and what they have achieved based on their calibre and their takeaways from Tradenet.

Meir is also proud of his team at Tradenet. He works and shares experiences with talented analysts like Scott Malatesta. Scott is the Vice President and trading room analyst with Tradenet and has mentored hundreds of traders across the world. He offers efficient training, account management, and ensures profitability of the students.

As a bottom line, Meir Barak started from scratch and has reached extensive heights. His success can be attributed to his dedication and passion, along with the mentorship he received from his mentors. He wishes to pass on the same experience and benefits of mentorship to his students. Meir is realising his dream through Tradenet by teaching, learning, growing and helping others grow and thrive!


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