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April 18, 2019

Tradenet offers one of the best day trading online courses. The online course for day trading is available free of cost and id most suitable for aspiring traders who are considering to get started with trading.

Tradenet’s day trading online course includes seven on-demand videos, eight quizzes, news forum, interactive training, and full lifetime access. The day trading online course covers all the basic concepts of day trading and allows new traders to launch themselves in the vast world of trading using reliable and consistent methods of trading.

Day trading online course is the stepping stone in the journey of trading. Budding traders spend about ten weeks learning and practicing the basic and advanced aspects of trading and then move on to trading live.

Contents of Tradenet’s Online Day Trading Course

Tradenet’s online day trading course consists of seven lessons. The Introduction lesson can be accessed here. The lesson talks about the basics of stock market and day trading. It gives an idea about the US stock exchanges, their functioning, and their working hours. The introductory lesson also gives a basic idea about the trading software and its uses. Traders also get to learn about the stocks to be traded, based on price, volume, and spread.

Similarly, the following lessons explain the difference between swing trading and day trading, long and short orders, and how shorting works. The other lessons in the day trading online course provide in-depth knowledge about Japanese candlesticks, candlesticks development, charts, and market indicators like the S&P 500. Traders are also exposed to more technical facets like volume analysis, uptrends, downtrends, and support and resistance.

Traders must go through the entire course here to prepare themselves for the trading journey. The best online day trading courses contain almost all of the necessary ingredients to transform aspiring traders into successful professionals.

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Are Online Day Trading Courses Enough?

A day trading online course is enough to provide the theoretical knowledge for trading. The theoretical aspects are critical; however, not everything. Trading is more about forming and implementing new trading strategies, learning from the mistakes, making amendments, and retrying.

Live Trading Room

Therefore, along with the online day trading courses, practical exposure is a must. Tradenet gives aspiring traders the required exposure through its live trading room. Traders can watch top traders trade and learn from them as they go. Live audio and video feeds, screens, and charts are shared in real-time, and new traders are allowed to mirror trades of the top analysts like Meir Barak and Scott Malatesta. The students can watch live trades and seek real-time advice through stock trading chat rooms.

Free 14-Day Trial

Traders can also take a free 14-day trial to the live trading room to try for themselves and buy a subscription only if they are satisfied. During the 14-day free trial, students can access the live trading room for free and learn how to spot trends and patterns, get trade ideas, community support, and mirror trades. Thus, traders get to know the practical nuances of trading.

Demo Trading Account and Trading Challenge

Qualified traders are also allowed to trade on a demo trading account to understand the trading strategies, trading platforms, and practice trades without risking real money. Traders who qualify for the trading challenge are given a demo account with a trading balance of $10,000. The participants are required to generate a net profit to $500 by the end of the challenge and must maintain daily and overall profit and loss limits.

Traders who win the challenge, while adhering to the terms and conditions, win access to a $14,000 funded trading account and receive up to 70% of the profits generated. They also gain access to the live trading room, Meir Barak’s trading book, and the Self-Study Course.

Other Education Packages

In addition to the day trading online course, Tradenet also offers other day trading education packages. The Intro package includes access to self-study course, live trading room, trading book, demo trading account, and eligibility to apply for a funded trading account, while the Pro package comprises of the Star Trader Course, Forex Trader Course, Top Trader Course, and Mentorship sessions in addition to the basic components.

As a bottom line, Tradenet provides one of the best online day trading courses. The course lays a solid foundation for aspiring traders to grow and flourish and helps them establish professionally. The training and education provided by the day trading online course are supplemented through the practical exposure in the live trading room, the demo trading account, and the trading challenge.


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