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February 4, 2019

Being a trader in the day of automated stock bots is extremely difficult. It requires a large degree of professional know-how that not many possess. That makes this lucrative career have a rather steep barrier to entry.

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One of the biggest advantages people have over machines, is their ability to share information with each other. This way, trader networks maximize their knowledge, and by extension, profit.

The same way you wouldn’t take physics advice from someone that flunked high school, you wouldn’t take a random person’s advice on stocks. It’s important to get your information from other professional traders and analysts. Wrong information is much more dangerous in the world of trading than elsewhere.

Having access to a day trading forum, as well as courses can make or break the start of your day trading career. Using a platform like Tradenet is the best way to ensure that when you start trading, you hit the ground running.

The founder of Tradenet, Meir Barak, and his VP Scott Malatesta still trade to make income. In fact, they show their trading live on YouTube every day. This helps their platform maintain credibility, as it shows they have the know-how to make bank via day trading.

The company also has a Twitter account where they publish trading tips for new and established traders daily. Tradenet provides these tips free of charge, so there’s nothing to lose from giving it a shot.

The organization also owns a very active Facebook group called Tradenet Stock Talks where day traders of all experience levels join up to discuss their daily trades. The group is a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet in the industry.

With such a large network at their disposal, Tradenet provides some of the best resources for day traders in the world. Naturally, Tradenet’s pricing model reflects this. We charge just $500 for the intro program. Even this will pay out if you put in the work. They allow you to apply to become a funded account** trader.

If you’re a trader with limited experience and a passion to learn, the funded account program could give you the starting cash to succeed.

Best day trading forum

The best forum to use to get your trading news daily, as well as discuss with other traders is the live trading room. It’s a chat room on the Tradenet site, populated with newcomers and veterans alike.

This gives you access to highly valued analyst opinions in the field.

Tradenet is so confident in their quality they will let you try it out for 14 days. This lets you make a much more informed decision. If you’re on the fence about trying out day trading education, the 14 day trial might just be the thing for you.

This will allow you not only to spectate the bigshots in doing their trading and conversation, but also to ask your own questions. You’ll be able to get day trading insight from those that know it best.

Day Trading Forum USA

The Tradenet platform is concentrated on English speaking day traders.

This means that while the skills learned from the courses will be useful worldwide, the site is geared primarily towards Americans, Brits, and other English speakers. The trading room is also focused on the US stock exchange, along with most of the course materials.

apply for the 14 day trial and get to speak with the professionals and ask them for tips

If you’re interested in starting your day trading journey today, then apply for the Tradenet 14 day free trial. It will let you speak to day trading professionals. The trial will give you the necessary knowledge to decide whether day trading is really the path you wish to pursue in life. And if so, it will give you the tools to start.

**Disclaimer: Tradenet does not provide
funded accounts or day trading services. Tradenet provides its students the
ability to get in contact and apply for a funded account with third-party
investment firms who provide funded day trading accounts. Tradenet is not
responsible for any dealings between its students and the aforementioned third
party investment firms. Tradenet urgest its students to perform an in-depth
market research before deciding to start any day trading account, funded or


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