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May 17, 2019

Tradenet offers a broad range of trading courses with a host of materials and lessons designed to teach hopeful traders the basics of day trading. Their courses are designed to help those curious about day trading to get started learning the ropes without breaking the bank to do so. Tradenet has a myriad of day trading classes to get prospective traders started gaining the knowledge that can help them learn to day trade effectively.

The day trading courses offered by Tradenet include:

  • A self-study course
  • Star trader course
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Forex course
  • And more!

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Self Study Course

The self study course allows hopeful traders to learn with Tradenet’s “Introduction to Day Trading” course, which is available to students 24/7. The course provides dozens of learning units, and also includes other materials such as training videos, interactive practice sessions, tests, and supplementary materials. The materials included in the course are of a high professional and technical standard.

  • Topics included with the self-study course include:
    The principles of day trading
  • The importance of trading responsibly,
  • Practical use of indices, sectors, and prominent shares
  • How to trade in fixed share quantities
  • And more!

Students will also get access to a wide range of free classes and other learning materials through YouTube, and on Tradenet’s trading blog.

Star Trader Course

The more intensive Star Trader Course was developed to teach students serious about day trading how to become a professional Wall Street day trader. The course gives students a chance to work from home and learn about earning a living trading stocks. The Star Trading Course includes 15-hour online sessions where students can access an online classroom from any location with an internet connection.

This intensive day trading course includes access to recorded materials in case of missed classes, in order to provide flexible learning options. The course will teach students about calculated risk trading and a wide variety of other day trading topics, including:

  • Market indicators
  • Importance of round numbers
  • Trading methodology
  • Reversal patterns

The course is instructed by accomplished day trading experts, such as Meir Barak, a professional US day trader and leading Wall Street expert who regularly appears on TV and the financial

press. The expertise and dedication of Meir and the other instructors make the day trading classes very informative and structured to maximize your learning experience. If you’re curious about continuing your education towards becoming a professional day trader, these trading courses are something you will want to check out.

Weekly Mentorship Sessions

The weekly mentorship day trading course is designed to teach hopeful day traders the basics of day trading from the ground up. Students will be given a chance to meet with one of Tradenet’s lead day trading class mentors to review, discuss, and customize the program to match their personal knowledge and skills. Having access to mentorship sessions means that students will be able to match the day trading classes to their own knowledge and skill levels, so that they can grow at a pace that is right for them.

The Mentorship sessions also give students access to the Live Trading room where students can watch experts trade live and participate in chat sessions to discuss what they have learned with other traders of all skill levels.

Forex Trading Course

The Forex trading course offered by Tradenet is designed to teach hopeful traders how to become a professional Forex trader, how to understand and trade commodities, and how to trade major EU stocks effectively. The course is great for students who wish to learn to work from home and earn a living as a trader. The course includes 3-hour live online sessions with examples and the ability to discuss day trading classes with instructors and other students.

Just like with Tradenet’s other day trading courses, students will also have access to recorded materials in case they miss a lecture, to ensure that every student gets the knowledge they can use to improve their day trading skills. If you’re curious about learning more about day trading, then Tradenet’s day trading courses are something you will definitely want to check out.

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