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February 4, 2019

Day trading is a form of trading in which the traders buy and sell shares on the stock exchange, using the internet throughout the trading day. This trading is closed within the same day, and all the positions are closed as the market closes. But with several price fluctuations occurring throughout the day, it is considered as volatile as other forms of trading.

So, before you start to trade, it is important to find the best day trading academy for you.

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What Is A Best Day Trading Academy?

Whether you are new to day trading or looking to improve your trading skill set, Tradenet is one of the world’s best trading academies that offer you the best live education on trading.

With Tradenet’s courses, you will learn to trade in a way that will let you enjoy an extra income and gain financial security. All the trading programs are designed to allow you to become a profitable trader with the best education.

Meir Barak founded Tradenet in 2004 and since then, this trading academy has educated more than 30,000 professional traders across the world. He shares his day trading strategy and also helps others to achieve a quality lifestyle.

However, Meir chooses to show the traders how he trades “live”, as it allows him and his team to be your personal trainers. Moreover, you can also join hundreds of traders from across the world and learn trading tricks from the world’s leading day traders.

You can select from the Tradenet’s basic and advanced courses or combine them in the world’s renowned Mentorship program.

How To Find A Day Trading Program That Is Best For You?

The optimal day trading academy offers you a number of the trading program, and with this, choosing the one becomes challenging. Here is best way to find the best program for you.

  • Know Your Learning Curve: Choose the program on whether you have a steep or normal learning curve.
  • Level Of Content: It is important that you check the level of content before you sign up for the program. Make sure that the content is well explained and has a comprehensive approach.
  • The Mentor: Ensure that the program has a mentor who works for you.
  • Learn Theory:

    Choose the program that gives you theoretical knowledge on programming and also lets you watch and practice.

See The Examples: Before you take the plunge, you can see as many examples of others’ trading as you can, and then choose the best one for you.

Find A Day Trading Academy That Offers Freebies

It is important to find a day trading academy that offers free trading activities.

For instance, Tradenet offers many free activities on their YouTube channel including live trading room, past trading videos, day trading results, free beginner courses, and tips and strategies for trading.

Find The Best Day Trading Academy With Mentorship Program

As you are finding the best day trading academy for yourself, make sure you find the one that also offers you Mentorship Programs.

Tradenet’s mentorship program is designed to teach you day trading from the basics. With this program, you get personal sessions from a stock trading mentor who helps you become a better trader and achieve your targets. Regardless of your experience in trading, this academy matches you with the right mentor.

Moreover, this day trading academies also gives you a 5-day demo trading challenge in which all eligible traders will receive a demo account with the trading balance of $10,000. The main goal of this challenge is to maintain a net profit of $500 at the end of the trading challenge.

To join the day trading academy or for other queries, you can contact us here.


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